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My Wife Said It Would Happen, And It Did!

Well, I guess it all started in 2001. My wife and I got married and moved into our first house, two weeks before we got married! Since we got married in December, I didn't have time to put up decorations that year. However, looking around at the few houses that were decorated for Christmas, I knew I had to make some changes the next year.

In 2002, the year after we got married, I put up a few lights. There weren't too many. About 1,500 lights outlined the roof, a bright snowman sat in the front yard, and of course, no yard is complete without a 9 foot Merry Christmas sign. It took me about an hour to do it. 

Then, the display just got bigger and bigger. In 2005 we had about 5,000 lights on the house! It started to look like the house in the movie "Christmas Vacation!" Every year my wife Ann would say to me, "You know, at one point we are going to be considered 'that house'. You know what? She was absolutely right. Everyone tells us, "Oh, you have that house on Meadows End! I know that house." 

So here we are. This year (2020) ought to be pretty good as we're looking at having at least 30,000 lights, hopefully. As the year goes on, come back and take a look at how I am progressing. We're constantly trying to think of new things to do and different things to add so stop on down and enjoy the display and have a very Merry Christmas!

See you this year! Merry Christmas! 

Christopher Donnells

75 Meadows End Road

Milford, CT 06460-4256


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